You are choosing for Generative Intelligence Coaching as you want MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS that lead to game changing results!

Executive and Team coach working with leaders and their teams enabling them release their creativity, resourcefulness and resilience – to transform their individual and collective leadership and achieve aspired impact.

My mission is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and all aspiring souls, to realise transformational shifts in business and society and live a life of purpose and fulfilment. I’m passionate about enabling people unlock their potential and embrace growth. I have a particular skill in enabling people see beyond of what is obvious, and confront their self-limiting beliefs on what is possible.

In my coaching work I put together my know-how on generative conversations, the appreciation of systemic intelligence, and my deep curiosity in elevating that particular point in your system of thoughts and believes that allows you to take the flight of an eagle, soaring beyond clouds, in perfect balance with all that surrounds you.

I find meaning and purpose in serving the cause of business and social innovation  – one person, one team, one business at a time. I love the thrill of the challenge and curiosity is my best companion.

Co-author of the book “Inspirational Leadership”, I’ve introduced Change Crowdsourcing Strategy – an approach largely embraced today in transformational change in many different forms, supporting leaders leverage the collective intelligence of their organization and constituencies.

  • Seasoned Executive and Team Coach with experience in management consulting, change leadership and business development. I accompany senior managers successfully lead transformation programs (ICT, BPR, OD) and manage transitions, work with sales and business development teams design innovative and winning business deals, and partner with entrepreneurs launch new endeavors for success.
  • My coaching practice reflects learnings from working with heads of states during deep systemic changes, delivering transformational projects and leading multicultural teams.
  • Education: Polytechnic Engineering, International Relations, MSc in International Marketing & Strategy, Master in Business Administration (MBA).
  • Accreditations specific on Coaching: ICF Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC), Generative Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Narrative Coaching, Systemic Team Coaching, Art & Mastery of Coaching: Novaterra ACC, PCC, MCC program. Among the first 250 coaches worldwide certified in Conversational Intelligence.
  • Founder of Vrioni Consulting, offering Management Consulting and Change Leadership services to International organisations and European Institutions.