Albana Vrioni Generative Intelligence

My coaching is about future shaping in a generative way!

Albana Vrioni – helping you transform your intention into reality

Whether your focus is on realizing a new service or a new product, creating new markets or new structures, if you want to transform your vision into reality, generative intelligence coaching will allow you to get to the future first and make a lasting positive impact.

Leading a business to thrive in disruption and be first to the future can be very awarding and at times exhausting and stalling. Working for top leaders on challenging missions, from one mission to another, I figured out the strategies that visionary leaders deployed to convert their strategic vision and resourcefulness into unusual outcomes, or to fail it all.

I’ve synthesised these experiences into learnings and growth strategies that can be practically employed by anyone who intends to make a genuine contribution and leave a positive trace.

Applied by myself in critical professional and life decisions they made an invaluable difference in turning dramatic situations into wellsprings of growth and success.

Applied by my clients pursuing bold and visionary goals, these growth strategies triggered in them deep changes in their leadership narrative and their leadership presence, helping them succeed challenging transitions and stay on the top of their game.

Wouldn’t you like to feel on top of your game and confident in staying the course of achieving your visionary and bold goals and make a positive impact?

I believe that business leaders hold the potential of changing the game of their business and the narrative of their organisations. My mission is to facilitate their journey of realizing their vision in a generative way, helping them express more of the conscious leader in them. I support them realize their bold goals – pursue their innovative drive while creating a lasting admiration and enjoying the abundance of their hard work and beautiful mind.

I work with leaders individually and in groups, in presence and vitually.

Bringing vision to reality

In supporting leaders accelerate change I introduced Change Crowdsourcing Strategy  – an approach largely embraced today in generative change in business, technology and social innovation, supporting leaders leverage on collective intelligence.

I am an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC),  a certified practitioner in Generative Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, Systemic team coaching, Narrative Coaching, and Stakeholder Centered Leadership.

Multicultural experiences, with more than 20 years of work experience in change and transformation, in more than 35 large projects and organisations, and more than 1000 hours of paid coaching.

Formal education & graduation: MBA, MSc in International Marketing & Strategy, MSc in Mechanical Engineering.