C-IQ® Circle

Concepts & practices for impactful conversations

50% of great team’s performance is explained through communication. Only 7% of the communication is the language we use. And yet, 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.

Mastering conversations is key to achieve and maintain personal and team high performance.

Conversational Intelligenceâ (C-IQ®), is a ground-breaking, neuroscientific framework, decoding how to connect with others in a way that builds healthier, more creative and more resilient teams in the face of change and a VUCA world. How to influence others to move to a certain direction? How to create favourable reception of your message? How to make the impact that you intend? C-IQ® provides insight to answering these questions.

C-IQ® enables deeper connections to surface faster, allowing for the emergence of WISE and FIT relationships (characterised by Wisdom, Innovation, Strategy, Empathy, Foresight, Insight, Trust), leading to higher performance, growth and transformation.

The C-IQ circle is a practise into which participants are introduced to key concepts and practices of conversational intelligence and are guided into applying them to selected topics /challenges/opportunities of their context. It is highly interactive and intends to help create conversational habits and rituals that can be used in the day to day and in critical situations.

The program is organised around 7 key C-IQ® competencies; helping create awareness on the impact of being at either extreme of the Conversational dashboard spectrum and in finding your sweet spot of impactful conversations.

The program rolls out in 10 sessions of 1 h with max 12 participants per session. The outline is:

  • Session 1: The alchemy of conversations – how everyday conversations can change the brain and our performance, C-IQ self-assessment
  • Session 2: The 3 levels of conversations, the conversational dashboard and the blind spots, Navigational Listening & self-assessment.
  • Session 3-9: The 7 key C-IQ competencies and Conversational rituals for each competency. 1 competency and its application per session
  • Session 10: Integrating it all together

Sessions build on each other. Participants will benefit the most though regular participation.

Conversations shape our relationships, which shape our partnerships, our culture and reality.

Understanding and utilizing the neuroscience of conversations will create new perspectives for you in how to connect with yourself and others in ways that permit transformational results, realize your aspirations and build resilience.

Fortune 500 companies are utilising C-IQ® to triple their bottom-line results. We can utilize C-IQ® to sustain high performance and influence the way we interact as human beings, do business and create prosperity.

Sessions are delivered by Albana Vrioni, Certified C-IQ® Coach.

What value can you get from joining the Circle?

G-IQ work is intended to accelerate your access to individual and collective multiple intelligences – somatic, emotional, intellectual, conversational, spiritual, etc. – to reliably innovate, create new possibilities, and live a life of fulfilment.

By joining the circle you develop generative self-regulation: you learn techniques to enhance the generative state and you practice these techniques on real obstacles during and outside the circle.


Overall, it helps you:

  • accelerate the emergence of new solutions to individual or collective challenges and obstacles
  • enhance the willpower and resourcefulness to act
  • sustain progress by evolving to the next level.

My commitment, as a generative change practitioner, is to enable you experience augmented ability to realize your aspirations.

Who can join?

  • Generative change practitioners – who have followed generative change training, have been certified or are working towards certification.
  • Individuals desiring to address an eminent challenge or obstacle and desiring to explore Generative change work for its resolution
  • Teams that are working on a concrete project
  • Entrepreneurs (individually or as a core team) intending to launch a new project/activity or give it a new stimulus.

How does the circle function?

  • The G-IQ circle takes place through bi-weekly guided generative conversations and functions on the bases of a process, rituals, and subjects of exploration. We learn how to develop the COACH state and let new solutions and ideas emerge from there – how  to turn Passion, Discipline and Creativity into tangible outcomes and enjoy the abundance of a beautiful mind.

    Each co-dev circle has an Initiation phase, and a Venturing phase.

    • The Initiation phase: a life cycle of 6 sessions, covers session by session 1 key competency of generative work, reinforced by a practical cases
    • The Venturing phase: a project work – where participants with a common intention, are guided to shift from the dream to the reality – making of their intention a real project.

    The G-IQ work is experiential and evolutive in nature – with every session being a living experience of the shift to the larger aspiration.

    The maximum nr of participants per Circle is 9.

    Special arrangements can be done for established teams.

    Sessions can be organised on line, in the absence of the face to face possibility.

    Sessions are guided by Albana Vrioni, Certified Practitioner of Generative Coach.

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