Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) is the hardwired and learnable ability to pursue evolutive growth and assure future fitness. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative means to create a result that has not existed before (adopted from Robert Dilts), and also means procreation, amplification, multiplication in ways that bring evolution. (adopted from Merriam Webster dictionary)

• Something and someone is generative, when is capable of producing something new or causing it to develop. (adopted from Collins dictionary)

• Creating Generative change means creating something beyond what has ever existed, whether in personal or professional life (Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan).

• Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) is the ability to be aware of, shape and express one’s resourcefulness in ways that create novel solutions driving progress – improve current state of being, are fit for the future, and are in aesthetic connectedness with the larger system where one lives and performs. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) is expressed in the ability to transform creative imagination into innovative resolutions, and to manage one’s energy along productive lines converting it into better and holistic states of being. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative Intelligence Coaching (G-IQ Coaching) is about increasing one’s ability to access, reprogram and release own and others generative intelligence – one’s ability to engage in innovative thinking, release one’s own and other’s creative imagination, and re-program one’s resilience and agility in ways that create fitness for the future and aesthetic connectedness with a larger system.

• Generative Intelligence Coaching (G-IQ Coaching) is an approach that centres around harnessing creative imagination and systemic resourcefulness for integrative growth – accelerating innovation and fitness for the future. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative Intelligence Coaching (G-IQ Coaching) entails an experiential and systemic coaching practice engaging an individual, a team, a group into a state of Generative Performance – to transform challenges into resourcefulness for tangible prosperity and future fitness. (Albana Vrioni)

• Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick and SMART ways to overcome difficulties to achieve your goal. In the context of generative performance resourcefulness means creativity, agility, stamina (resilience, drive, determination), passion, curiosity, resolve, and sense of connectedness. A resource is energy (physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, social).

• A Generative State is a state into which the conscious mind (reality based) and the creative unconscious work as creative partners to allow transformation and
resourcefulness (adapted from Stephen Gilligan)

• Resourcefulness in the context of generative performance means creativity, resilience, agility.

• A state of Generative Performance is a state of conscious awareness, of mindset, habits and strategies engaging you to lead self, team and others towards in ways that inspire greatness, spur innovation and steer future fitness. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative Leadership is adopted to indicate the mindset, presence, actions and strategies leading to original, effective and future conscious solutions.

• G-IQ coaching creates Integrative Growth as it engages the whole being of a person, the ego and the soul, as an individual and as part of the system, and models the desired results at the personal, and systemic level. Very often this work involves the leader, the team and the stakeholders. (Albana Vrioni)

• When we talk about Resourcefulness and Fitness for the Future we talk about capabilities like resilience, agility, innovation drive, “attunement” to systemic
intelligence and aesthetic connectedness. (Albana Vrioni)

• Innovation is creating new value and/or capturing value in a new way. Within an organisation, innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service, or enhancement of business models with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage. Within a business context the purpose of innovation is ultimately to continuously grow and renew an enterprise with new or better products, more efficient processes, or enhanced business models.

• Management innovation, workplace innovation, social innovation, leadership innovation – are concepts used to indicated something original and more effective “breaking into” the established norms or known ways of managing, working, living or leading. (Albana Vrioni)

• Collective Generative Intelligence: Generative Intelligence can be individual and collective. The collective intelligence is generative when members of a team or
group create, enrich, strengthen, and expand collective resourcefulness to innovate and create progress. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative culture indicates Collective G-IQ in action – whereby the diversity of mindset, habits and strategies becomes a catalyser for growth, renewal, innovation. (Albana Vrioni)

• Generative Coaching assumes that reality is constructed, and that this creative process can be mindfully engaged for positive outcomes. To do this, a person’s state of consciousness is the difference that makes the difference: The outcomes a person produces are only as good as their state.

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