Leadership Teams

Steering transformational shifts and
building fitness for the future.


Pursuing growth and creating a
better world through their business.


Pursuing success and
creating a new life story.

When stakes are high and a clear goal is out of sight, removing obstacles may not be obvious to you.

As a leader you may feel
challenged to:

  • Engage people around the goal and value creation
  • Make decisions with speed and conviction even when lacking data
  • Adapt proactively, thinking about the long term and yet acting quickly and decisively to change
  • Deliver reliably on commitments and create accountability when all is changing so fast
  • Lead and live with grace when stakes are high and choices not obvious

As an entrepreneur you may feel challenged to:

  • Sustain and boost creative thinking when all around is changing so fast
  • Leverage on opportunities that are right on spot for you
  • Sustain “future fitness” of your business venture when the future seems
    a moving target and blurred of uncertainty
  • Keep your skill set intact and staying on top of your business
  • Bounce back from difficult transitions and make of failure a source of growth
Leading self

As an individual you may feel challenged to:

  • Overwhelmed and depleted of uncertainty
  • Feeling stuck when all around you is changing fast
  • Wanting to start all over
  • Emotionally drained to build towards success
  • So close to your dream, yet so far from the last mile
  • Surrounded by people that drag you down
  • Questioning your self worthiness
  • A strong inner call to pursue your dream

Engaging in Generative Intelligence Coaching helps you Lead & Succeed with creative resourcefulness, resilience and agility.

Through Generative Intelligence Coaching you achieve visible growth & future fitness.

Sharpen & Shift
your Mindset
Leadership Impact

  • Influence systemic change
  • Stage business transformation
  • Succeed challenging transitions
  • Steer Fitness for the Future
  • Build a scalable business

Boost up your Mindset
for Business Growth & Renewal

  • Build a scalable business
  • Strengthen innovation & resilience
  • Increase personal satisfaction
  • Mage a genuine contribution
  • Establish financial robustness

Shape Up your
Generative-Self to
Succeed at your Best

  • Bounce back from challenging transitions
  • Build uplifting relationships
  • Create bridges of trust & influence
  • Craft your emotional resilience
  • Pursue your dream with confidence

3 step plan to work with me:

1. Enhance Awareness on your Generative profile > 2. Model your Success Mindset > 3. Realise Desired Shifts

Leading self

Coaching the individual achieve imminent personal goals and pursue a pathway of personal and professional growth:

1. Your Success Mindset model
2. Focused action on what matters most
3. Sustaining growth

Leading team

Coaching on the interface leader – team to achieve stretched goals, groom innovation and stimulate collective high performance:

1. Your team Success Model
2. Team interaction dynamics
3. Beyond Coaching

Leading others

Coaching the leader on the interface with the stakeholders to scale impact, growth or innovation:

1. Your Success Model
2. Stakeholders interaction dynamics
3. Beyond coaching

Albana Vrioni Generative Intelligence

My Coaching World

Executive & Business coach, PCC, with Organisation Development and Business Transformation background.

I work with leaders, business owners and their teams to enable them release their creativity, resourcefulness and resilience –  transform their individual and collective leadership and achieve aspired impact.

Through the coaching relationship, I SUPPORT YOU SHARPEN YOUR INNER GAME, access your strengths and mobilise your generative resources – in ways that lead you TO GAME CHANGING OUTCOMES.

My special gift is in helping people dream bold, realise their deepest call, and change their game. For me Words create Worlds! I love inspiring people leave behind what you’ve outgrown with grace and integrate the new with poise. I assume accountability for guiding you the right path.

Programs & Events

For me learning is a LOVE affair!


Albana’s involvement as a team-coach has been much in appreciated. Very pro-active in seeing where her help is needed .. does not hesitate to go beyond the contractual requirements and offer innovative ideas… Knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and .. in gaining the confidence of those she works with. Helped team leaders increase team cohesion and strategic alignment.

Albana coached me when facing a serious business crisis involving toxic management context. I appreciated Albana´s coaching very much. … her commitment to support me through the crisis, until a real workable solution including alternatives were found. I always had a clear view on my next steps. Within a short timeframe I could thus overcome my business crisis. … I received the best support I could get.

From the moment we met I recognized Albana is a person with a lot of energy who is able to inspire people. A professional with the ability to listen, understand and really connect with people. I appreciated most the way I learned “how to more value myself and my believes”.  Coaching and guiding, … making me connect the dots myself and get the job of my dreams.

J’ai rencontré Albana quand j’évoluais dans un environnement professionnel particulièrement toxique. Son approche, différente de ce que j’attendais, … elle m’a … amené à me plonger en moi afin de comprendre au fond de moi ce à quoi j’aspirais. … Mon expérience avec elle a été .. une renaissance, elle m’a littéralement ouvert les yeux et surtout réconcilié avec moi même. Presque 4 ans plus tard, les séances avec Albana sont toujours présentes en mon esprit et continuent à me soutenir dans mes décisions. Aujourd’hui je suis dans une fonction où je m’épanouis réellement. God bless you, Albana.

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