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A quick guide to the concept and practice of Generative Intelligence®️ (G-IQ):

Generative Intelligence®️ (G-IQ) is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect with and engage multiple intelligences in ways that facilitate creative achievement, high stamina, subtle awareness, growth, and increased capacity at many levels.

Said differently, G-IQ is the ability to convert systemic and subtle awareness into creative achievement, innovative and evolutive growth, and increased capacity at many levels.

Creative achievement means innovative and evolutive growth – means creating new and better outcomes that did not exist before. Creative achievement is transformational and disruptive. It pursues an emergent and organic growth path of evolution as much as a rebalancing and rejuvenating course post disruption.

G-IQ is a life force of renewal, of rejuvenation, of reinvention.
High stamina, high levels of creative imagination, innovative thrive, caring for sustainable growth, and leaving a positive legacy are characteristics of people with high levels of Generative Intelligence®️.
The emergence of new thinking and ideas from collective intelligence, the transformation of challenges into resources, and the integration of insight, hindsight, and foresight into a new growth cycle contain the blueprint of generative intelligence.

Our thought processes, state of beings, and acts can be located anywhere in a continuum between life and death, between rejuvenation and decay, between creation and destruction, vitality and depletion. The higher our G-IQ, the closer we are to life force, evolutive disruption, rejuvenation.

G-IQ builds on the wisdom of 3 minds: the somatic, the cognitive, and the field. These minds operate at three levels: primitive, basic, and generative. Achieving transformational results requires attuning the wisdom of our three minds and their operating level to perform at their highest level – the generative level.
A generative level of performance means to be insightful, hindsightful, and foresightful. It means being mindful in your Mind, Body, and Soul, in your Head, Heart, and Gut.

G-IQ practices help to improve this attunement.
While a hardwired ability, generative intelligence can be learned and cultivated intentionally. We can lose our gift when we do not practice it, as much as we can elevate it through practice.
Therefore, Generative Intelligence®️ is the hardwired and learnable ability to convert systemic and subtle awareness into creative achievement and increased capacity at many levels.

Generative Intelligence®️ can apply beyond people and social systems to include environmental and technical systems. Today, we talk about Generativity to evoke notions of creation, production, rejuvenation, and novelty in system contexts (cf. van Osch & Avital, 2010).

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