Handle & Leverage Difficult Conversations for Growth

Difficult conversations are loaded with emotions that take a tall on our well-being and well- functioning. They can be experienced as depleting burden or a crucible of growth.
How to unlock the potential of Difficult Conversations – handle and leverage them for growth?
Layoffs, burnouts, undesired change of functions, targeting a job you are not sure on the fit, are common cases of difficult conversations in the workplace.
Appealing to an investor, partnering when not sure on the fit, going for an idea while not sure on its business case… all these are difficult conversations for entrepreneurial leaders.
Conversations within family circles loaded with emotions and dragging scars of the past are all but rare.
These are only a modest illustration of difficult conversations in organizational, business, and private life.

The more we care the more we offer ourselves to address challenging situations – home of difficult conversations. Other times careless considerations prepare a context for difficult emotions to rise and create barriers to trust and genuine problem solving.

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