Insight on G-IQ Coaching

What is special with Generative Intelligence coaching ?

G-IQ coaching is an invitation to level up your game – to thrive on disruption and leave a trace.
The G-IQ Coaching is about Impact and Purpose. About Courage and Commitment. About Creativity and Resourcefulness.
It supports you in making a difference and in creating something new that did not exist before.

My Coaching practice focuses on working with people at a deeper human level across all kind of boundaries.

Coaching for Generative shifts

A Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) coaching session engages you into creative and courageous shifts increasing your resourcefulness, field of possibilities, and resilience in overcoming challenges on what matters to you most, real time.

The G-IQ coaching practice includes targeted, specific interventions and on-going support conversation. It is applied in one-on-one conversations as well as in team settings.

A G-IQ coaching session is most demanded when:

Evolving practise and mastery

The G-IQ coaching session rolls out using the approach that works best for your, real time. I chose to practice and master different coaching methods recognising the visible benefit of addressing a specific context through a matching method.

In my coaching practice  I honour and integrate the work done by thought leaders, my trainers and mentors in the coaching profession, and add to it learnings from my own experience and research. In it, I reflect learnings from, and gratitude for:

What distinguishes the G-IQ Coaching practice?

Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) Coaching helps you surmount deep challenges in:

  • Landing safely into the unknown – undertaking change when everything around you changes
  • Sustaining gains from coaching
  • Working real time with what really matters

Each coaching conversation is adapted to the problematic of the coaching path relevant for you. G-IQ coaching spares you overload and redundancy by design – we work with what emerges.

You focus on gaining unique insight on what matters to you real time – helping you address the crux of the issue and undertake shifts  in perspective, beliefs, behaviour that create new possibilities.

Any consecutive session reinforces the integration of the shifts of the prior session.