This eBook is for:

Business leaders

that want to make a genuine and meaningful impact and need to boost their creativity, resilience, and agility with the support of a coaching partner.

HR leaders

who proactively support the leadership team in ways that guarantee visible and measurable leadership growth and organisational development.

Next- generation leaders and entrepreneurs

exploring their way in scaling innovation and future- fit ventures.

G-IQ coaching is about accessing, reprogramming and releasing our generative intelligence – our ability to engage in innovative thinking, release our own and other’s creative imagination, and re-program our resilience and agility in ways that create fitness for the future and aesthetic connectedness with a larger system. It activates our epigenetic in ways that rejuvenate, strengthen and expand our resilience and agility. 

G-IQ coaching supports Leaders and Leadership Teams in making and implementing courageous decisions – when there is a need for re-balancing and re-calibrating complex factors, competing values and conflicting truths that may influence their leadership impact. 


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