The inspirational Leading for Future Shaping Blueprint

How to shift from Problem Solving to Future Shaping

And overcome the complex and invasive challenges of today which conventional leadership cannot resolve.

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Albana Vrioni

Executive Coach, Change Leader, Forbes Coaches Council, Tedx Speaker

Curious to know what can you from this webinar?


  • 3 pillars of shifting

    from being to becoming and why we need all three in order to succeed from managing the future to shaping the future.

  • How envisioning

    your future can help you stay the course, lead and succeed at your best

  • What leaders get

    wrong about TRUST and why building trust is the single one criteria to shape better futures

  • Why conventional

    leadership can’t help overcome the complex and invasive challenges of today

  • What Generative Intelligence

    is and how it can dramatically accelerate your shift from problem solving to shaping the future.

  • The Future Shaping Blueprint

    to accelerate your growth individually and collectively

Anna M. Internal Communications Leader, Decathlon Belgium

Your presentation yesterday on "Leading for future-shaping, not problem-solving' was with no doubt the most eminent of all the events I participated ...

Serge T. Director, Global Marketing, Baxter

It was crisp, clear and inspiring presentation, so for sure an excellent backgrounder we all should have in mind in our day to day struggle to prioritize…

Wauter G. Transformation Facilitator

It was great to get inspired...There was so much gold in your talk.

Veronique N. Founder Axolot Consulting

What an inspiring presentation!

Marc D. President, Brussels Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Very insightful presentation. I like the way you have articulated the difference between problem solving and future shaping leadership. Very true and so critical to make our European businesses future resilient.

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