Coaching Practice

My Coaching Practice is about IMPACT and GROWTH.

About courage and commitment. About laughter and healing.

It considers the person in her wholeness inviting the emergence of GENERATIVE SHIFTS!

Coaching for Generative shifts

My coaching world is about helping you elevate your generative self capabilities and realise Generative Shifts at critical moments of your professional or private life.

It entails a generative coaching practice that engages you  into increasing your resourcefulness, creativity and resilience in overcoming challenges and achieving your aspirations.

The G-IQ coaching practice includes targeted, specific interventions and on-going support conversation. Generative Shifts are targeted, structured interventions mostly called upon when:

Honouring the past, minding the present, and creating the future

Every generative coaching conversation is unique. And while each conversation is naturally oriented towards a quest for a better future they unfold by honouring the past and appreciating the present.

I honour and integrate the work done by thought leaders, my trainers and mentors in the coaching profession, and add to it learnings from my own experience and research.

The Generative-IQ coaching is an outcome of it. Its process draws from an in-depth exploration  of various coaching methodologies, uses insight from neurosciences and integrates learnings from my experience in managing personal and organisational change. In it I reflect learnings from and gratitude for:

My promise with Generative Intelligence Coaching is to take these learnings one step further in the service of my client’s fulfilment, better business and a better world.

What nurtures my Coaching practice?

I find meaning in facilitating the change journey of any soul who wants to live a purposeful life.

Working with HIGH PERFORMERS – they challenge established patterns, show innate curiosity to learning and experiment with novelty. I believe there is a high performer potential in each of us. How to ignite the potential? How to channel the drive? How to hit and sustain peak performance? How to create value of it all together? Generative conversations help unfold one’s potential.

Working with LEADERS AND TEAMS IN QUEST OF POSITIVE IMPACT –  they hold the power of orienting the individual and collective resources towards a better business, better policies, better world. I believe that the systemic challenges we are facing today can only be addressed by systemic upgrade of leadership consciousness. Our coaching conversations unveil the path to realising such aspirations.

Working with INNOVATIVE MINDS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SOULS – they are engines of richness, of prosperity, of abundance. I believe they have an immense JOY in them yet to share and ignite the signature of their drive. Our coaching conversations help create new perspectives that fuel new possibilities.

Any trace my work can leave in your new life stories is a powerful source of learning for me!