Coaching for Career Transition


When coaching for career transition I love to see you taking THE FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE – WITH SHARP SENSES, ELEGANT UPLIFTING, AND ASTONISHING PRESENCE.

If this is where you’re heading, I’d love to accompany you.

I support you in how to grow professionally faster, in balance and in pleasure, so that you can you can unlock your potential, do the job you’re passionate about, and  earn to your merits .

About career transition

Stepping into a new role is like starting a new adventure. Landing the job of your dreams is not a mere chance. And once you’re in a new role, on-boarding is at least as important to your success as having the new job.

Search for a new job is rarely unexpected. Having headhunters approaching you does not come out of blue, either. There is a shift that you’re preparing to happen. How do you embrace the opportunity?

The old wisdom of building on your strengths remains timeless. Yet, not many people, especially high performers, take time to ponder on what makes them successful. And beyond it the contextual dimensions of a success make the next step not quite obvious, even for those that are on the recruitment side.

Career transitions are the delicate because it is not always a matter of playing on your strengths. Very often it is more a matter of not playing any longer on some of the strengths that made you successful on the current context and knowing what foundation to build upon. This needs time and capacity to step back and resolve the emotional attachment to your past failures and success.

Sketching your new career top line and the story that goes with it is what guides successful executives to making of transitions a pivoting point of their growth.


My experience gained from working with top players and research in the area, will help you decode what takes you to the desired success and what would keep you there; what you need to avoid and what you need to renounce; where you can shine as an individual and what you need to groom so as to excel collectively.

In coaching high potential in career transition, I support you assess your professional situation with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion.

This process facilitates emergence of confidence and creativity on how to tap into unexploited potentials of your inner strengths.

During the coaching process you are supported with insight from assessments like: MBTI, DIVINE, DISC.