Narrative Circle

Bringing New Stories to life

What is a Narrative Circle about?

Stories are at the core of what makes us human. They contain the code of what can pivot our life to accomplishment. Decoding your own stories and crafting new healthier, revived and stimulating ones is a rewarding experience.

The Narrative Circle is intended to help you bring new stories to life leveraging on generative field created through a guided process, in interaction with the members of the circle.

What do you gain?

When we change our stories, we change our lives.

To bring new stories to life we need to extend our mindfulness beyond resources that help us to just cope with the situation and instead develop a deeper awareness that helps us connect, create and contribute to a higher level.

Bringing a new story to life come hand to hand with adopting new structures of thinking and of self-regulation that can be used as a spiral evolution in the day to day and especially in critical threshold of life, one challenge at a time.


Individuals affronted to the need of leaving behind success or pains that have served their times, of overcoming a persisting struggle in letting a new story emerge.

How does it function

This circle is organized in 2 rounds of 7 sessions each, biweekly.

  • Round 1 is about discovery and experimenting with new insight
  • Round 2 is about deepening the learning and self-mastery

Each session rolls out as an integration of insight – practical tips – application on a concrete case from the participants. The process applied in the session is meant to be applicable in the day to day life.

Sessions are guided by Albana Vrioni, accredited Narrative Coach.

How to enroll

This new virtual circle will have its start date on 17th of June @ 3pm CET (considering multiple time zones). You enroll for Round 1, and at the completion for Round 2.

Use the schedule to book your spot.

Send in email to Albana, with a brief description of a) what is your interest in joining the circle, b) if you have any prior experience with Mastermind circles.

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