How to cultivate your resilience for self-leadership?

I’m self-aware –I know my strengths and vulnerabilities and have an acute sense of self-worthiness.

I take self-care –I make my psychological, emotional, and physical health top priorities.

I show compassion for those in need.

I accept who I am and what comes my way.

Optimism -when the tough gets going, I believe in my ability to handle it.

I have the skills and creativity to identify ways within my control to work and resolve a problem.

I tend to show forgiveness for unresolved pains of the past

I have reliable social support – I can rely on family, friends, and colleagues when needed.

I am grounded and find techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

I maintain locus of Control–I focus on how I, as opposed to external forces, can control the outcome of events.

I live life with curiosity and passion and make personal development top priority.

I am directed in life by a meaning that goes beyond me.

I manage boundaries to positively affect my self expression.

My words express the abundance of my heart and my passion for life.