Conversational impact assessment

C-IQ Catalyst: A snapshot of the biochemistry of your conversations. 

The focus is on giving insight to ‘Individuals and peers’ about how their communication impacts others. It gives rapid insight into how we interact with each other – what we say and do that produces Cortisol, that closes down conversations, and what we say and do that produces Oxytocin, opening up conversations for healthy engagements. Well suited for a speeded learn curve on impactful conversations. Those who use this tool say it is invaluable!

The link and the access code will be provided by the coach as part of the coaching program.

Conversational Trust Index

Trust Catalyst Assessment : The focus is on the ‘team.’ This tool helps an organization see the levels of trust in their organization. It also enables teams to elevate trust within the team and in their partnerships as well as enabling individuals to learn how to inspire trust. It elevates Conversational Intelligence in all relationships. It gives rapid insight into how one can influence the level of trust in relationships, teams, and organizations.

Culture DNA Index

The Culture DNA Index is a catalyst assessment to support change and transformation. The focus is on the ‘organization,’ especially as a 360 tool for growing leaders, teams, and organizations.  It measure an organisations readiness to change. This tool defines the key behaviors that drive success in companies and indicates how a company is doing towards its aspirations or other successful companies.  When used  with the CHANGES model of C-IQ creates a framework for major transformations.

Culture DNA assessment is part of a systemic team coaching program. The link and the access code are provided by the coach .


We have different communication styles. Sometimes our inate style supports our success, sometimes it behaves as a barrier of further success. DISC assessment allows you to learn more about your communication style and how you can leverage it to your success.

The link and the access code will be provided by the coach as part of the coaching program.


We all know that a successful career requires among other leveraging on your strengths – a set a behavioural and technical competencies. Devine Assessment allows you to assess your strengths and rate them towards expectations on a specific job function. It provides indications on how you can up-regulate and down-regulate your strengths. Devine assessment is particularly used in the recruitment and development of key roles.

Use the assess code provided by the coach to access this assessment.

Global Leader of the Future (GLOF)

Global Leader  of the Future is a cornerstone assessment to support leader in an engagement of visible and measurable growth. It evaluates leader competencies on a normative scale – measuring leader up to expectations of its stakeholders and of its peers in other successful companies. Its a 360* assessment and focusing heavily on constructive feedback.

This assessment is done as part of the Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching program and is part of the leader growth process. Link and access code are provided by the coach.