Coaching for Transversal Leader-shifts

What’s in it for you

As a transversal leader you are challenged manyfold,  influencing beyond the confines of authority vested in your title. You are typically leading in a multi-structural organisational landscape, across generations and functions.

The success you achieved so far, has only set the stage for the next achievement – you are unstoppable. Yet, as Marshal Goldsmith puts it: “what got you here, won’t get you there!” You’ll need to operate at a higher level of presence. Your growth and success can only happen through the involvement and growth of your stakeholders.

Generative Intelligence Coaching helps you step up your transversal leadership presence  and how you interact with your stakeholder system –  key to succeeding in transversal roles.

About Transversal Leader-shifts


As a transversal leader you are expected to deliver on tough expectations – with ever tighter resources, spread throughout the organisation, and influence beyond the confines of your formal authority.

Your leadership presence is challenged to unfold in a wide spectrum of skills. Your goals and challenges as transversal leader often rotate around impactful conversations, bringing a new leadership story to life,  unlocking the creativity, resourcefulness and resilience of your team and the support of your stakeholders. Leading transversally includes leading across generations – with different drivers, commitment and system of values and belief.

Capacity to Leading Transversally makes the difference in achieving transformative shifts. The quality of your relationships will define the quality of your results.

How can you step up your leadership play field to embrace the challenge  of leading transversally? What shifts needs to happen?

How to reach the next level of success?

Now days successful leaders need support not so much on the “know how” of leadership but rather on the “show how” of leadership practice; not so much on “what to do” but rather on “what to stop” doing. (P. Drucker). 

The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching (MG SCC), stipulates that by helping leaders to grow in 1-2 leadership areas on the job through a stakeholder process of feedback and feed forward, measurable and visible improvement can be demonstrated to the benefit of the leader and of all the stakeholders.

Why does this work? Because there is detachment from the past, suggestions are linked to something concrete “here and now”, and co-workers grow with the leader.

The growth of the leaders is the focus of this process. When the focus spans to include the leadership team, this process can and shall be integrated into a wider, Systemic Team Coaching process.