You’ll feel supported by my non-judgmental presence, compassion and commitment. You’ll also feel supported by my curiosity, by thought provoking questions challenging your self-limiting beliefs. And, you’ll definitely feel surrounded by safe space of conversation.

What you will experience in the coaching session is not the answer, neither the solution to the problem, nor the new dreaming job. Rather, it is the uncovering, the elevation and activation of powerful resources residing in you an in your systemic field to achieve whatever you’ve put your mind and soul into. Their generative power multiplies with practice!

When trust is established, to continue a coaching relationship and get results, there is only one requirement: Commitment to Practice.

GIQ Coaching process

A G-IQ coaching relationship is created in its outset from your intention to arrive somewhere new. Using a generative process and dialogue, the coaching relationship develops towards a joint journey unfolding, step wise, the ingredients of what will take you to a totally new destination, fulfilling your aspirations. While supporting the advancement on your commitment, this journey helps you build enduring competencies in strengthening your generative-self – enacting repeatably your generative intelligence towards  novel undertakings. It concerns the:

Inner Core: centred around connecting to your sense of purpose , your ego/identity and your call, establishing a sense of “Safe heaven” and enabling you to Cope with what emerges in the session and attune your unresolved stories.

Creative imagination: centred around accessing a state of curiosity and creativity for exploring options to resolve unspoken stories or longings that might have appeared out of reach or impossible.

Systemic Resources: centred around the generative field of resourcing your energy and vitality towards realisation of your commitment.

The manifestation: centred around providing a secure space for you to step into your hero’s journey pursuing your dream by overcoming obstacles holding you back . You are invited and supported to mobilise identified resources, manifest the desired behaviour, play as if, test and experiment.

The bio-systemic feedback: centred around inviting, preparing and supporting you to sustain the changes made and continuously attune to the desired state by establishing a holistic feedback-loop tracking the coherence of your actions, thoughts and feelings  (mental, physical and emotional models) and how they reinforce your desired state of being.

Integration: is a spiral loop of integrating each new element (generative resource) as it emerges into the new direction that is unfolding.

Every coaching session is unique – these generative resources are explored as needed along the growth path with progress integrated in each coaching conversation.

Next to the coaching session I support you get access to reading or learning opportunities offered through my coaching network. Self-discovery assessments, readiness, journaling, and preparations for the session and an evaluation / reflection on the progress are also part of the coaching process.

Circle of Wisdom is another setting that allows my coaching clients to expand learning, experience new shifts and practice new habits. It may be consisted of individual coaching clients, connected through the level of challenge, or members of a team (a team setting).